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Calculate Standard Deviation from Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform Ocean Surface Wind Vector L3.0 First-Look Analyses.ipynb Add graphic to demonstration Oct 19, 2018
Using Podaacpy to retrieve CYGNSS Level 2 Science Data.ipynb ISSUE-122 Add API's for PO.DAAC Drive Oct 18, 2018
Using Podaacpy to retrieve CYGNSS Level 3 Science Data.ipynb Add nerw example to demonstrate metrics Oct 29, 2018
Using podaacpy to interact with PO.DAAC Drive.ipynb ISSUE-152 Add PodaacUtils.mine_drive_urls_from_granule_search function ( Aug 20, 2019
podaac.ini ISSUE-147 Implement integration tests for (#148) Aug 5, 2019
podaacpy_getting_started_tutorial.ipynb ISSUE-155 drive.Drive(file) attempts to read from erroneous 'tests' d… Aug 23, 2019
subset.json Update CYGNSS demonstration Aug 22, 2018



You've arrived at our quickstart and examples. All of them are delivered as Jupyter Notebooks. This means you need to have Jupyter installed before you start, please check out the installation documentation.

You can run the notebooks as follows

$ cd examples
$ jupyter notebook


Once the Jupyter server is running on http://localhost:8888/ you can access the quickstart notebook podaacpy_getting_started_tutorial.ipynb.

Other Examples

Over time we will add more examples involving Podaacpy. If you have some examples you would like to share, please open a pull request.

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