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The NASA Vision Workbench is a general purpose image processing and computer vision library developed by the Autonomous Systems and Robotics (ASR) Area in the Intelligent Systems Division at the NASA Ames Research Center.
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Pull request Compare This branch is 594 commits behind visionworkbench:master.
Latest commit 2af5da1 Zachary Moratto Fix image sizing for masks versus input
The newer disparity mask operation actually checks that image sizes to
insure that we don't run outside images. This commit makes sure the
those input images are of the correct size.
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config dist fixes
docs/workbook exceptions are caught by const ref... no exceptions
m4 add a --with-cache-size configure flag to change the default
packaging/karmic/debian hm, "vision-workbench" != "visionworkbench"
papers/robust_ba/tests Added results from 10-19-09 test
src Fix image sizing for masks versus input
thirdparty Added search for protoc in configure
.gitignore move TemporaryFile to FileIO
AUTHORS RobustSparse refactored
COPYING update COPYING to new version
ChangeLog Updated the generic ChangeLog text.
INSTALLGUIDE make some windows compat fixes kill off cxxtest once and for all.
NEWS update news
config.options.example Added PREFIX as an example in config.options.example.

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If your contribution is significant, you may be asked to sign a contributor agreement, either as an individual or as a corporation.

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