mod_lttngust is an Apache2 module that enables tracing Apache modules/requests using LTTng tracer.
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mod_lttng is an Apache2 module that enables tracing Apache requests using LTTng ( on Linux systems.


1- First build the mod_lttng Apache module. To do so run this command:

sudo apxs -i -a -c src/mod_lttng.c -ldl -llttng-ust

2- Then make sure that mod_lttng is installed:

httpd -M


apache2ctl -M

-M command of httpd shows all installed and active Apache modules. So you should be able to see the lttng_module in the list.

3- Restart Apache

to run Apache use this command:

sudo httpd


sudo apache2ctl restart

4- Start lttng tracing:

lttng create

lttng enable-event -u -a

lttng start

wget http://localhost

lttng stop

lttng view

That is it.!