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Bundler Issues


Instructions for common Bundler use-cases can be found on the Bundler documentation site.

Detailed information about each Bundler command, including help with common problems, can be found in the Bundler man pages.

After reading the documentation, try these troubleshooting steps:

# remove user-specific gems and git repos
rm -rf ~/.bundle/ ~/.gem/

# remove system-wide git repos and git checkouts
rm -rf $GEM_HOME/bundler/ $GEM_HOME/cache/bundler/

# remove project-specific settings and git repos
rm -rf .bundle/

# remove project-specific cached .gem files
rm -rf vendor/cache/

# remove the saved resolve of the Gemfile
rm -rf Gemfile.lock

# try to install one more time
bundle install

Frequently encountered issues

Heroku errors

Open a ticket with Heroku. If the issue somehow turns out to be with Bundler itself, the Heroku support team will forward the details of your issue to us.

REE and Zlib::GzipFile::Error

Ruby Enterprise Edition users may see a Zlib::GzipFile::Error while installing gems. It is due to a bug in REE. You may be able to resolve the issue by upgrading REE, or changing to a different interpreter.

Rake activation error

Anyone who has installed the Spork gem may see activation errors while running rake directly. This is because old versions of Spork would install the newest rake using a mkmf file. To resolve the issue, update the Spork version requirement in your Gemfile to at least "~>0.8.5" or "~>0.9.0.rc8".

Reporting unresolved problems

Instructions that allow the Bundler team to reproduce your issue are vitally important. When you report a bug, please include the following information:

  • The command you ran
  • Exception backtrace(s), if any
  • Your Gemfile
  • Your Gemfile.lock
  • Your Bundler configuration settings (run bundle config)
  • What version of bundler you are using (run bundle -v)
  • What version of Ruby you are using (run ruby -v)
  • What version of Rubygems you are using (run gem -v)
  • Whether you are using RVM, and if so what version (run rvm -v)
  • Whether you have the rubygems-bundler gem, which can break gem binares
  • Whether you have the open_gem gem, which can cause rake activation conflicts

If you are using Rails 2.3, please also include:

  • Your boot.rb file
  • Your preinitializer.rb file
  • Your environment.rb file

Create a gist containing all of that information, then visit the Bundler issue tracker and create a new ticket describing your problem and linking to your gist.