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A gem to add Capybara driver switching parameters to minitest/spec's describe and it.

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This gem adds to minitest/spec the functionality that allows you to change Capybara drivers by passing parameters to it, similarly to RSpec.


To install, add this to your Gemfile and do a bundle install:

gem "minitest-capybara", "~> 0.0.1"

Then in your minitest/specs (or a spec_helper that they all require) add:

require 'minitest/capybara'

Now you can change the driver to Selenium by passing the parameter `:js => true':

describe "something under test" do
  it "does not use selenium for this test" do
    visit "/"
    assert body.has_content?("Hello world")

  it "does use selenium for this test", :js => true do
    visit "/"
    click_link "Hide" # a link that uses a javascript click event, for example
    assert body.has_no_link?("Hide")

Future improvements

  • Support :js => true on describe as well
  • Support drivers other than rack_test and selenium (currently the driver will be switched back to rack_test when an example is finished, and setting Capybara.javascript_driver has no effect)
  • Support a :driver parameter to switch to a specific driver


Many thanks to those who have worked on RSpec, Capybara and minitest for making such awesome tools.


Released under the MIT license. See LICENSE.

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