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  • enhancements

    • Add `button_class` configuration to change the class of buttons (

    • Add `disabled` class to a disabled input

    • Generate configuration file with `browser_validations` disabled

    • `simple_form_for` allows default options for its inputs (:defaults => {})

  • bug fix

    • Fallback to default label when block is provided (

    • Do not override default selection through attribute value in collection select when label/value methods are lambdas


  • enhancements

    • Simplified generator by using directory action (by

    • Support for `maxlength` on string inputs inferred from validation (by

    • Change form css class handling to only add the dom class when one is not given to the form call (by

    • Support for required attributes when action validations are present (by

    • Don't generate `size` attribute for numeric input (by

    • Support for `maxlength` on text area inputs inferred from validation

    • Support for `pattern` on text field inferred from validation when :pattern is true

    • Break Text, Password and File into their own inputs

    • Support easy enabling and disabling of components for specific inputs

    • Add HTML5 range input

  • bug fix

    • Fix bug when simple_fields_for is used with a hash like models and Rails 3.1

    • Fix bug that doesn't remove the item_wrapper_tag or the collection_wrapper_tag on collection inputs when nil or false value is passed to these options (by

    • Fix bug that disable the entire select and wrapper when `disabled` option is a string or array

    • Fix bug when using label/value methods as procs together with disabled/selected options as procs for select inputs


  • enhancements

    • Rails 3.1 support


  • enhancements

    • ignore required attribute when conditional validations are present

  • bug fix

    • Do not use required='required' when browser validations are turned off

    • Sanitize HMTL attributes in error and hint helpers when options are present

    • Improve i18n lookup by ignoring explicit child index given to form builder (tests by

    • Fixes the form specific validation option if specified on the form itself (by


  • enhancements

    • Add label class configuration option (by

    • Improve i18n lookup (labels/hints/placeholders) for nested models

    • Use the given custom builder with simple_fields_for (by

    • Add slim form generator (by

    • Add form_class configuration option (by

    • Default step of “any” for number input with non integer attributes (by

    • Add option to disable HTML5 browser validations on all forms (by

    • Add option to disable all HTML5 extensions (by

    • Add input_field helper to form builder (by

    • Allow inputs to be discovered on demand by placing them at app/inputs (a la formtastic)

    • Add full_error on that shows the error with the attribute name

  • bug fix

    • Fix for file attributes automatic detection, to work with virtual attributes

    • Fix for numeric fields validation options using symbols and procs

    • Fix password attributes to add size and maxlength options the same way as string (by

    • Fix bug with custom form builders and new mappings being added to the superclass builder (by

    • Fix HTML validation issue with collection_check_boxes


  • enhancements

    • Add :autofocus HTML5 attribute support (by

    • Add possibility to specify custom builder and inherit mappings (by

    • Make custom mappings work with all attributes types (by

    • Add support for procs/lambdas in text/value methods for collection_select

  • deprecation

    • removed the deprecated :remote_form_for

  • bug fix

    • Only add the “required” HTML 5 attribute for valid inputs, disable in selects (not allowed)

    • Fix error when using hints without an attribute (by and

    • Fix messy html output for hint, error and label components (by and

    • Allow direct setting of for attribute on label (by


  • enhancements

    • Allow collection input to accept a collection of symbols

    • Add default css class to button

    • Allow forms for objects that don't respond to the “errors” method

    • collection_check_boxes and collection_radio now wrap the input in the label

    • Automatic add min/max values for numeric attributes based on validations and step for integers - HTML5 (by

    • Add :placeholder option for string inputs, allowing customization through I18n - HTML5 (by

    • Add :search and :tel input types, with :tel mapping automatically from attributes matching “phone” - HTML5

    • Add :required html attribute for required inputs - HTML5

    • Add optional :components option to input to control component rendering (by

    • Add SimpleForm.translate as an easy way to turn off SimpleForm internal translations

    • Add :disabled option for all inputs (by

    • Add collection wrapper tag and item wrapper tag to wrap elements in collection helpers - radio / check boxes

    • Add SimpleForm.input_mappings to allow configuring custom mappings for inputs (by

  • bug fix

    • Search for validations on both association and attribute

    • Use controller.action_name to lookup action only when available, to fix issue with Rspec views tests (by


  • enhancements

    • Compatibility with Rails 3 RC


  • enhancements

    • Added haml generator support (by

    • Added error_notification message to form builder

    • Added required by default as configuration option

    • Added label_input as component, allowing boolean to change its order (input appearing first than label)

    • Added error_method to tidy up how errors are exhibited

    • Added error class on wrappers (by

    • Changed numeric types to have type=number for HTML5


  • deprecation

    • Changed simple_form_install generator to simple_form:install

  • enhancements

    • Added support to presence validation to check if attribute is required or not (by

    • Added .input as class to wrapper tag

    • Added config options for hint and error tags (by


  • deprecation

    • removed :conditions, :order, :joins and :include support in f.association


  • bug fix

    • Ensure type is set to “text” and not “string”


  • bug fix

    • Fix some escaping issues


  • enhancements

    • Rails 3 support with generators, templates and HTML 5


  • First release