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v0.2.0 Implementation of updated look-and-feel [Jason Rudolph]
v0.1.8 Add timeouts for crawls to help really long builds [Rob Sanheim]
v0.1.7 Minor clean up [Rob Sanheim]
* add testing for all Rails versions 2.0.2 and up
* various clean up and housekeeping tasks;
* start Ruby 1.9 work (but we need Hpricot)
* show 50 chars of URL, not 30
* ensure that ActiveRecord gets loaded correctly for the crawler, so that it can rescue RecordNotFound exceptions
[Rob Sanheim]
v0.1.5 Initial implementation of updated look-and-feel [Erik Yowell] [Jason Rudolph]
v0.1.4 Bugfix: Include look-and-feel files when building the gem #16 [Jason Rudolph]
v0.1.3 Update list of known static file types (e.g., PDFs) to prevent false reports of 404s for links to files that exist in RAILS_ROOT/public [Aaron Bedra]
v0.1.2 Remove dependency on Facets gem [Aaron Bedra]
v0.1.1 Bugfix: Add ability to handle anchor tags that lack an href attribute #13 [Kevin Gisi]
* Improve the generated test template to include inline documentation and make the simple case simple [Jason Rudolph]
* Update README to better serve first-time users [Jason Rudolph]
* Update development dependencies declarations [Jason Rudolph]
* Internal refactorings [Aaron Bedra]
** Convert test suite to micronaut
** Replace Echoe with Jeweler for gem management
** Remove unused code
* Fix numerous installation and initial setup issues
* Enhance rake tasks to support use of Tarantula in a continuous integration environment
** Use "rake tarantula:test" to run headless with build-friendly exit codes
** Use "rake tarantula:report" to open the Tarantula report in your browser
* Update README
** Provide better installation and setup documentation
** Include example of adding a custom attack handler
* Simplify design to address concerns about hard-to-read fonts
* Make sure we don't include Relevance::Tarantula into Object - will cause issues with Rails dependencies and is a bad idea in general
* Update Rakefile for development dependencies
* Other small clean up tasks
v0.0.1 Tarantula becomes a gem. [Aaron Bedra]