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To do before first launch

  • Related articles architecture
    • Canvas
    • Trig
    • Drag
    • JS this 1
    • JS this 2
  • A working email subscription
    • Link to subscription form
    • Update subscription form with proper text
  • Complete pockets of solitude (working on pos-fixes branch)
    • Responsiveness
    • Edit text and add melted brain illo
    • Try to make the images gatsby-image component
  • SideCard complete and responsive with git link
    • responsiveness
    • Git Link
    • Illustration for Git Link
  • Spoilers and Illustrations for Design and Math
  • Spoilers and Illustrations for Design
    • How to defeat the blank screen
    • Designers, maybe inspiration is the wrong word
    • Designing a better UX for hackathons
    • Designing the perfect wallpaper app
  • Spoilers for Misc.
  • Illustrations for Misc.
  • Fix the missing image in Understanding Impermanence
  • Proof read the articles.


  • Add the About page
  • Add Work page


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