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Arcanist as a Docker container

We provide a nasqueron/arcanist image to run Arcanist as a Docker container.

Our goal is to be able to use arc when we tweak a Docker image on a Docker engine server, where PHP isn't installed. To have an Arcanist image allows us not to install PHP everywhere.


You only have to pull our image, then invoke a shell or Arc directly:

docker pull nasqueron/arcanist

docker run -it --rm nasqueron/arcanist bash
docker run -it --rm nasqueron/arcanist arc anoid

Configuration and workspace volumes

We provide two volumes, one to store the configuration (.arcrc, .gitconfig), one to store the repository you want to work with.

You probably want to pass the current directory as workspace directory. Use pwd (Docker won' t like ., and the Docker client could be on another machine than the server by the way).

To store the configuration, create a ~/.arc folder with:

  • ~/.arc/arcrc: a copy of your .arcrc file
  • ~/.arc/gitconfig : a copy of your .gitconfig file

I want an arc command

It could be convenient to create a wrapper script in /usr/local/bin/arc to be able to directly write arc diff:

cat > /usr/local/bin/arc

if [ "$1" = "shell" ]; then
        mkdir -p ~/.arc

docker run -it --rm -v ~/.arc:/opt/config -v `pwd`:/opt/workspace nasqueron/arcanist $COMMAND $*

You can now use arc shell to get an interactive shell with your local directory content sent to the container, and arc <whatever> in other cases.


If you use arc call-conduit you can't use -it, as you need to pass stdin to the command.