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Nasqueron operations

Welcome to rOPS, the Nasqueron operations repository.


Nasqueron infrastructure servers support our budding community of creative people, writers, developers and thinkers.

Nasqueron follows the principle of "Infrastructure as Code" to offer documentation, reproducibility, transparency and to allow external contributions.

It contains:

  • server configuration
  • deployment information for our applications and services

We mainly rely on SaltStack for deployment and automation.


New services on our Docker engine (currently Dwellers) should be deployed through this repository.

The Eglide service is fully managed through this repository.

Legacy services are in migration.


Services are organized in roles and units.

  • Roles: a role is a goal a service accomplishes (e.g. mailserver, paas-docker)
  • Units: an unit is a component needed to achieve this goal (e.g. an userland software collection, a nginx server)

Directories follow roles/<role>/<unit>.

If configuration files for an unit should be stored, a subfolder files is created at unit level.

The pillar/ folder contains data about Eglide users,

The repository contains a legacy scripts folder, not handled by Salt, and a config/forum for one set of our Discourse configuration. They can be migrated to the role/unit structure.


Contributions are welcome to this repository, especially if you wish to:

  1. improve our infrastructure
  2. install or configure something on a Nasqueron server
  3. install or configure something on a project we manage (like Eglide)
  4. help to migrate services to Salt

You can follow this contributor guide to send a commit for review. This procedure is open to everyone.

Issues can be reported on the #Servers component on DevCentral, the Nasqueron Phabricator instance.

Support for contributors is provided on Freenode #nasqueron-ops.


A lot of configuration as code is trivial, and so ineligible for copyright per threshold of originality

When this is not the case, the code is licensed under BSD-2-Clause if not otherwise specified.

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