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If you don't need XML support in Amberfish, you can skip to the
section below on Amberfish installation.
To use the XML features of Amberfish, you need the Xerces C++ parser.
Xerces is available here:
If you are using Linux, you may already have Xerces installed. Look
for a library file like ''.
The build process for Amberfish will look for Xerces. If it
determines that Xerces is missing, it will automatically disable XML
support in Amberfish. Once you have Xerces installed, try running
configure in this directory:
If configure finds Xerces, it will include something like this in its
checking xercesc/util/XercesVersion.hpp usability... yes
checking xercesc/util/XercesVersion.hpp presence... yes
checking for xercesc/util/XercesVersion.hpp... yes
checking for main in -lxerces-c... yes
If you have Xerces installed in a non-standard location and configure
is unable to find it, you can manually specify the location of the
include files and library, for example:
./configure CPPFLAGS=-I/include LDFLAGS=-L/usr/lib/xerces
Once you have configure saying 'yes' to Xerces, the rest of the build
process should hopefully proceed smoothly. If you have a very old
version of Xerces, you may still be unable to compile Amberfish with
it. You also have this option:
./configure --disable-xml
That will force Amberfish to disable Xerces and XML support.
If you have not already done so (above), run configure in this
Now compile Amberfish:
This tries to build executables in src/ and man pages in doc/. To
generate the tutorial (also in doc/) in HTML and PDF:
gmake html
gmake pdf
If the Xerces library is in a non-standard location, be sure that
LD_LIBRARY_PATH points to that location before using Amberfish.
Otherwise you will get an error something like this:
bin/afindex: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or
Typing 'gmake install' in this directory will attempt to install the
Amberfish executables in {prefix}/bin/ and the man pages under
{prefix}/man/, where {prefix} defaults to /usr/local and can be
changed in the invocation of configure, e.g.:
./configure --prefix=/opt
Amberfish can be uninstalled by typing 'gmake uninstall'.
Amberfish will try to use a Porter stemmer if it is available. To
make this work, download the 'ANSI C' version (not the 'thread safe'
version) of the Porter stemmer from:
Rename the file as '', and remove or comment out its main()
function. Place or a symbolic link to it in the src/
directory here. Then rerun './configure' and 'gmake' as shown above.
The stemmer will automatically be enabled unless you use '--no-stem'
with '-C' during indexing. Note that if the stemmer function is
enabled when a database is created, it must also be available when
files are added and when the database is searched.
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