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A minimal public presentation platform.

Keynote and Powerpoint are almost always too bloated for the presentations I build. They are full to the brim with features that I never use, like transitions, formatting, sound effects, and whatever a "build" is.

So I built this. It is HTML 5 based, makes use of CSS for styling, JavaScript for slide logic, and Ruby to spin up a server and interpret the slideshow files. It makes the kind of presentations I do very easy to knock together, and it may do the same for you.


Get Stopwork

There is no Ruby Gem yet, so the installation procedure is manual.

Grab the code off of GitHub and cd into the folder.

$ git clone
$ cd stopwork

Install Stopwork's dependencies. Dependencies are managed using Bundler.

$ gem install bundler
$ bundle install

Write presentation

Write your presentation into a text file, e.g. presentation.stpwrk

# Hello, world!
## Isn't this cool?

So, I searched 'funny cat' in YouTube
Top result:

; some research
# Ever wondered where funny cats come from?

Each line represents a slide. Blank lines and lines beggining with ; are ignored. The slide's type is determined from the text's content. Anything that looks like an image is interpreted and displayed as an image. Anything that looks like a video link or webpage is embedded. Everything else is rendered as Markdown. That's all.

Launch presentation

Launch the presentation by running the script in the bin folder with the path to the presentation file as an argument

$ bundle exec ./bin/stopwork presentation.stpwrk

This will spin up a server at http://localhost:54021 where your presentation can be found.

Speak slowly, clearly, and confidently, and maintain eye contact with your audience. You're going to do great.


To work in environments without reliable internet, stopwork will cache all images and videos the first time it sees them. Cached files will be placed in a folder called .stopwork in the same directory as your presentation file. Remote URLs will only be used if a cached version is not available. This makes stopwork presentations both usable offline and self-installing.

Export presentation

To share your presentation, export it

$ bundle exec ./bin/stopwork export presentation.stpwrk

This will create presentation.stpwrk.html with all the CSS and JavaScript embedded in it.


Right and left keyboard keys go to the next and previous slides, respectively. Moving the mouse to the bottom center reveals previous and next buttons that can be clicked. This is useful if a web slide steals keyboard focus.

Next Steps

  • Responsive CSS for smaller screens
  • Embed images on export
  • Better local asset support
  • Custom types
  • Custom slide transitions
  • Custom themes


The platform was originally named after the monthly Stop Work meetings at Eyebeam where fellows and residents present their work and receive feedback.


Copyright © 2012-2013 Ramsey Nasser. Released under the MIT License.

Skeleton Copyright © 2012 Dave Gamache

jQuery Copyright © 2012 jQuery Foundation and other contributors

Iconic Font Copyright © 2012, P.J. Onori


Minimal HTML 5 Presentation Platform




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