A Collaborative Mind Map of Everything Wrong with Technology
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Technology is Broken

A Collaborative Mind Map of Everything Wrong with Technology

This project is an attempt to exhaustively quantify the problems of modern technology. The hope is that by thoroughly documenting everything that is wrong, we can start to imagine what a more sustainable future for software, hardware, and society will look like.

The process is as inclusive and transparent as we know how to make it. The Mind Map is written in the open source DOT language and open to modification by the public via established open source processes. We're convinced that only meaningful way forward is through open dialog.


Everyone's idea of what is wrong with technology is different. It is only by collaborating that we can hope to identify the extent of the problem. There are a few ways to add your voice to the Mind Map:

Pull Requests

The most seamless way to contribute to the Mind Map is by taking out a pull request.

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Modify everything.dot with your additions and modifications
  3. Submit your changes as a pull request. We use the "Fork & Pull" model.


The project's issues page is where discussion takes place. To start a conversation around a topic without making changes, you can take out a new issue.


A GitHub is recommended as it is the most direct way to participate in the project. If you do not have or want a GitHub you can still contribute by emailing your additions to any of the following people. They will forward your ideas to the group in the form of Issues or Pull Requests.

  • Ramsey Nasser (ram at nas dot sr)


This project and the contents of the everything.dot file are released into the public domain.

This project makes use of viz.js to render the graph.