GSMS is simple and lightweith PHP MV3 framework. sample in use:
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GSMS (simple and lightweith PHP MV3 framework)

Basic useful feature list:

  • Fast : this framework is very optimized for fast loading.
  • Easy : oop not necessary in depth and all controller and model and view is simple class without extend.
  • Clear : every file is on a clear place and every view is near that controller.
  • Small but Scalable: this framework is very small but you want to add more librery in libs directory per case.


clone the project :

git clone

create a database and import gsms.sql to that .

open the gsms.php file and rename that lines in the beginig of file :

'db_system'=>'mysql',   ---->db engin

'db_hostname'=>'localhost',     ----->host name

'db_databasename'=>'offtel_ir', ----->db name

'db_databaseuser'=>'root',  ------>db user

'db_databasepass'=>'',    ----->db pass

'db_charset'=>'utf8',   ------>charset of db

the system is ready and you can browse the home page :

gsms root[mvc structure :model,controller,view]
 |-models(contain all the model files)
 |  |-admin.php( admin model , exp : GSMS::load('admin','models'); GSMS::$class['admin']->getAdmin(1)) 
 |  |-contain all the view files
 |-conntrollers(conntroller files)
 |  |-admin
 |  |   |-users.php (user controller)
 |  |
 |  |-index.php(root of site controller)
 |  |-theme
 |  | |-contain all the theme folders
 |  |
 |  |-assets 
 |  | |-contain all the asset files(picture,js,css,..)
 |  |
 |  |-errors 
 |  | |-system error files(404.php,403.php,..)
 |  |-mysql(contain mysql engin that load by default and accessable by GSMS::$class['mysql']->)
 |  |-rb(readbeen data base orm engin that load by default and accessable by exp:  R::exec('') )
 |-libs(contain all the library of code)
 |  |-smssender
 |  | |-smssender.php(smssender library exp: GSMS::load('smssender','libs'); GSMS::$class['smssender']->sen(..))
 |-plugins(contain all the plugin files)
 |  |-ticket.php( ticket plugin example, all the plugin is autoload) 
 |-core(system files)
 |  |-(router.php,template, ..)
 |-archive(dir for store log files or user files like session )
 |  |-tmp(dir for store temporary file like image upload)

all the folder can change by gsms.php

all the controller can access by :


for example :

file of edit_admin($adminid) controller is :


and can access by this url :

the "controllers" foder is removed from url and "index.php" can remove by .htaccess file configs .

for load a model like admin we could use this code :

$admin =new admin() ; 

or load one library :


for safe retrive the POST and GET value use this library :


several project are writed by this framework .

for any question cantact me by or in skype .