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Repo Roster

Shout-out supporters in your GitHub README file.

Repo roster demo

🙉 What's all the hullabaloo?

Want to say "thank you" to people that star and fork your repositories? Repo Roster is a simple copy-and-paste way to automatically shout-out those users by displaying their usernames and avatars directly in your file!

🎉 Live Examples (for this repo)

↳ Stargazers

Stargazers repo roster for @nastyox/Repo-Roster

[![Stargazers repo roster for @USERNAME/REPO_NAME](](

↳ Forkers

Forkers repo roster for @nastyox/Repo-Roster

[![Forkers repo roster for @USERNAME/REPO_NAME](](

🎨 Custom styling

Prefer dark mode? Don't want any text? We've got you covered! Find the image URL in the markdown provided above, and add /dark and/or /notext before /USERNAME/REPO_NAME! Or, skip editing the markdown yourself by using our online tool instead.

Fast implementation

To get your own repo rosters, just paste a link to your GitHub repository into our website, and we'll generate simple markdown for you to paste into your repo's file. That's all there is to it! From then on, data about your supporters will automatically update right in your file.

Separation bar

👏 Support this project

This project requires some server-side processing, which isn't free. If you'd like to support Repo Roster and ensure that it's able to keep up with users' demands speedily, please consider clicking the "sponsor" button at the top of this page.

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Shout-out supporters in your GitHub README file.