The idea of using captions on form input boxes is not new, but all previous methods of providing this functionality have a few disadvantages. The jQuery FormLabels Plugin is a result of working with hundreds of different clients, sites, and especially forms. Every form is different, so building a uniform label generator was not an easy task. The…
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  @File:        jquery.formLabels.js
  @Version:     1.1
  @Author:      Andrei Zharov ( - Senior Software Engineer at Nokia

  @Requires:    jQuery v1.9 & jQueryUI v1.10
  @Usage:       $.fn.formLabels() or $("form").formLabels()
  @Options:     excludeElts - Excludes certain elements from being 'labelized'. Default: ''. Example:  $.fn.formLabels(excludeElts:'#email, .nolabel')
                refreshOnResize - whether or not refresh labels on window resize. Default: true
                safemode - if enabled the plugin runs in the safemode without using spans and animation. Default: false
                labelParent - parentContainer for your 'labels'. Default: 'form'
                semantic - puts label before input element. Default: true

  @License: Released under the MIT license

  Link to the demo: <>