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Simple HD RP project to showcase new Lit master node.
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Lit Master Node Demo Project

Read the official Blog Post.

This Project is intended to work with Unity release 2013.3.

With the release of 2018.3, Shader Graph introduces a new Master Node for the High Definition Render Pipeline. This new Master Node (called Lit Master) makes many of the advanced shading features found in HDRP accessible in Shader Graph!

This demo project makes use of Shader Graph and the High Definition Render Pipeline. It contains a bonsai tree and butterfly to showcase using iridescence and translucency with shadergraph.

For additional example projects check out Andy Touch’s Shader Graph Example Library!

If you want to talk to us about the Shader Graph, check out the forums and stay tuned to the blog for more exciting updates!

Bugs: If when first launching shaders look incorrect (such as the butterfly being flat blue) open the associated Shader Graph (all shader graphs in the folder ShaderGraphShaders) and click the Save Asset button in the top left of the Shader Graph Window.

Note: this project demos multiple features that are still in Preview, meaning they introduce brand new features and workflows. As such, some of these features may be subject to change (API, UX, scope, etc.) and aren’t covered by traditional Unity support. You can, however, report issues with Preview features on our forum page.


Important! This Project uses git-lfs to store large file types!

Quick instructions for people familiar with Git

  1. Install Git LFS
  2. Clone this repository somewhere to disk
  3. run git lfs install to initialize Git LFS
  4. Launch with Unity version 2018.3

Longer instructions for people new to Git

  1. Locate the green button that says Clone or Download. Select it.
  2. Select Open in Desktop. That will launch
  3. Locate the Purple Download button, select it. This will download GitHubDesktopSetup.exe, launch that exe after it downloads.
  4. One it installs, launch it or allow it to auto launch. You should see three buttons in the middle of the GitHub Desktop Window. Select the third button, Clone a repository.
  5. This will bring up a popup window, select the third tab URL.
  6. Where is says URL or username/repository add
  7. Choose a Local path or use the auto created one.
  8. Select Clone. Wait a little.
  9. When this finishes another popup will appear that says Initialize Git LFS. This is important, make sure you select Initialize Git LFS (Blue button).
  10. The project is now on your machine at the location selected as the Local path from step 7.
  11. Launch the project with Unity version 2018.3


The textures on the butterfly are created based on photogtraphs by Didier Descouens and are under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license (CC BY-SA 4.0).

Please see the following page for further details.

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