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MySQL Answers for Coursera "Introduction to Databases" assignments on mysql
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social_network_core.sql SQL Social-Network Query Exercises (core set)
social_network_extra.sql SQL Movie-Rating Query Exercises (extras)


Base on Coursera course "Introduction to Databases", the mysql practice for the mysql assignments. This is a collective effort from other Insight Fellow 2014A.

Movie-Rating Database:

Movie ( mID, title, year, director ) English: There is a movie with ID number mID, a title, a release year, and a director.

Reviewer ( rID, name ) English: The reviewer with ID number rID has a certain name.

Rating ( rID, mID, stars, ratingDate ) English: The reviewer rID gave the movie mID a number of stars rating (1-5) on a certain ratingDate.

SQL Social-Network Database: Highschooler ( ID, name, grade ) English: There is a high school student with unique ID and a given first name in a certain grade.

Friend ( ID1, ID2 ) English: The student with ID1 is friends with the student with ID2. Friendship is mutual, so if (123, 456) is in the Friend table, so is (456, 123).

Likes ( ID1, ID2 ) English: The student with ID1 likes the student with ID2. Liking someone is not necessarily mutual, so if (123, 456) is in the Likes table, there is no guarantee that (456, 123) is also present.

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