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Square Click

Find and eliminate all the blue squares before time runs out! Can you beat all three rounds?

Table of Contents



User Stories

-When user clicks begin, timer starts and squares populate with a random color -When user click a color, the color disappears and a point is added or subtracted from score -When round is over, the scores, round, and timer update

General Info

  1. When user clicks begin, timer starts and random colored squares populate the screen -What colors? Red, blue, green, purple -how many squares? round 1: 25 squares, double the squares each round -what are squares? colored boxes on the screen -where should they populate? inside the square section -what should the timer start at? 30s

  2. When user clicks on a square, the color disappears and score should go up or down

-what adds score, what subtracts? Blue square click adds 1 point, all else subtracts 1 point -how quickly should it disappear? Immediately -how many points should be added or subtracted?

  1. When round is over, scores and timer should ben updated for the user to start over with increased difficulty -how many players? 1 -what is the measure of difficulty? numbers of squares and time -what ends a round? When time = 0 OR all blue squares are clicked -how many rounds? 3


This project is created with:

  • jQuery version: 3.6.0
  • Ipsum version: 2.33
  • Ament library version: 999

Project Status

Project is: in progress

Room for Improvement

Room for improvement:

  • Full game should be visible in the view port, scrolling should not be necessary
  • Design and UX need work, how the game works isn't intuitive and there's too little direction

To do:

  • Prevent multiple timers
  • Have a round end when
  • Keep track of users scores


Give credit here.

  • This project was inspired by...
  • This project was based on this tutorial.
  • Many thanks to...


Created by Natalie Smyth - feel free to contact me!


To run this project, install it locally using npm:

cd ../lorem
npm install
npm start


// Third Party Libraries: moment, underscore, jquery // Constants // App State // Cached DOM Elements // Event Listeners // Functions // steps to start game // select button // save button in variable // add click event listener to button

// PSEUDOCODE: CREATE SQUARES FUNCTION // How many squares? // Create div element for each square // Colors array for color options // Random index to get random color // Apply random color to the div as background-color // Append the square to parent '.squares' element


Eliminate the blue squares before time runs out!




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