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Build a tamagotchi, a virtual pet that user keeps alive by making sure they are fed, rested, and adequately played with.

Technology Used: • HTML • CSS • JAVASCRIPT

User Stories

• User starts game by creating pet name and clicking submit • User can use buttons to feed, play with, and put your pet to sleep • User wins game by keeping their pet alive until their pet turns 10 years old •

// User creates pet name, CLICKS submit // egg appears // hatching lasts: 15 seconds, during which cracks appear and egg wobbles // at 15 seconds, egg cracks, TAMAGATCHI appears timer starts

//BUTTONS // Feed // Play // Sleep

// Mising Details // What colors? - Red, Blue, Green. Purple // How many squares? - Round 1 = 25 squares, multiply squares by 2 per round // What are squares? - Box on screen with a random color // WHere should they populate - inside the squares section // What should the timer start at? - 30s

// When the user clicks on a color: the color should disapear and score should be added or subtracted.

// Missing Details // What adds score, what subtracts score - Blue square click adds 1 point, all else subtract 1 point // How quickly should it disappear - Immediately // How many points should added or subtracted - 1 point

// When the round is over, the scores, round and timer should be updated for the user to start over with increased difficulty.

// Missing Details // How many players? - 1 // What is the measure of difficulty? - Number of squares and Time // What ends a round - When time = 0 // How Rounds - 3

// What happens when the player wins?