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// Speller.m
// gSpell
// Created by Nathan Spindel on 12/9/05.
#import "Speller.h"
#import "NSStringAdditions.h"
@implementation Speller
- (void)suggestSpellingCorrection:(NSPasteboard *)pboard userData:(NSString *)userData error:(NSString **)error {
NSString *pboardString;
// Make sure input data is right-o
NSArray *types = [pboard types];
if (![types containsObject: NSStringPboardType] ||
!(pboardString = [pboard stringForType: NSStringPboardType])) {
*error = NSLocalizedString(@"Error: couldn't get Google spelling suggestion for text.", @"pboard couldn't give string.");
NSString *suggestionString = [pboardString googleSpellingSuggestion];
// Check for empty string returns (ie. no suggestion from Google)
if (!suggestionString) return;
// Otherwise, slap the suggestion back on the pasteboard to be returned
[pboard declareTypes: [NSArray arrayWithObject: NSStringPboardType] owner: nil];
[pboard setString: suggestionString forType: NSStringPboardType];
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