Database Commands for CodeIgniter 4
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Database Commands for CodeIgniter 4

Adds the following commands to the Database group:

Command Description
db:create Creates a database
db:delete Deletes a database
db:delete_table Deletes a database table
db:list Lists databases
db:query Executes a SQL query
db:show Shows databases information
db:show_table Shows a database table structure


Image of Database Commands for CodeIgniter 4


Map the NatanFelles\CodeIgniter\DB namespace to the src folder of this project.

For example:

Open the application/Config/Autoload.php file and add a $psr4 index like this:

$psr4['NatanFelles\CodeIgniter\DB'] = ROOTPATH . 'codeigniter-db/src';


Any contribution related to bugs or improvements of this project will be very well accepted.

If you can, consider a donation:

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