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This is the code for my personal website. It's a static site generated with Haskell, with pre/post-processing help from Sass and minify, and hosted on GitHub Pages.

This setup is incredibly heavyweight for what right now is just a landing page. I would normally tell you to stop asking about it so I don't have to defend my design decisions, but I would actually love to talk to you if you're reading this, so go ahead. I like meeting new people.

Build process

  1. Install Stack, then use Stack to install Hakyll (i.e., stack install haykll). This should automatically install GHC.

  2. Install sassc (e.g., apt install sassc).

  3. Install minify.

  4. Build the site:

    $ stack build
    $ stack exec site build

Continuous deployment

GitHub Actions builds the site, then pushes the build to the gh-pages branch. The source code for the site is stored on the develop branch.

Continuous deployment is arguably overkill for a project like this. I implemented it because I wanted to be able to make changes to my site using the GitHub web editor then see those changes reflected without having to do a manual build, or anything incredibly easy or trivial like that.

The build takes some 30-40 minutes starting from scratch. If dependencies are cached, this process only takes a few minutes.