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DouF00 - fat free presentations
Python C++
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 DDD      DDD                         FFF        000        0000        000
 DDD       DDD                        FFF        000        0000        000
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 DDD       DDD oo     oo  uu     uu   FFF        000        0000        000
 DDD      DDD  oo     oo  uu     uu   FFF        000        0000        000
 DDDDDDDDDDD   ooooooooo  uuuuuuuuu   FFF         00000000000  00000000000

                       --==} FAT FREE PRESENTATIONS {==--

Douf00 is a lightweight, slim and straight forward presentation Tool.
It assists novice as well as experienced speakers when giving lectures
and business meetings. With its simple presenters screen that includes
current slide - next slide (preview) as well as timers it is designed
to assist those of us, that are willing to step up their lectures
to the next level.

Before you jump right into, some prerequisites have to be fulfilled.
 * Python >= 2.7
 * wxPython >= 2.8
 * poppler

On debian you can install the dependencies like this:

 # apt-get install libpoppler-dev libpoppler-private-dev python-wxgtk3.0

After you are done - feel free to do the following:
 $ curl | tar xzf
 $ cd DouF00*
 $ sudo python ./ install

Martin Natano <>

Sebastian "Naxxatoe" Graf <>
Bernd Zeimetz <>
Stefan Heinecke <>
Josef Philip Bernhart <>

Project Website:
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