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DouF00 - fat free presentations
Python C++

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                       --==} FAT FREE PRESENTATIONS {==--

Douf00 is a lightweight, slim and straight forward Presentation Tool.
It assists novice as well as experienced speakers when giving lectures
and business meetings. With its simple presenters Screen that includes
current slide - next slide (preview) as well as timers it is designed
to assist those of us, that are willing to step up their lectures
to the next level.

Natano	(Martin Ptacek)   <>
Naxxatoe	(Sebastian Maier) <>
Bernd Zeimetz	<>
Stefan Heinecke	<>
Josef Philip Bernhart <>

    x Dependencies
        python >= 2.5.4
        wxPython >= 2.8

    Before you Jump right into it, there is a couple of things you want to get first!
    make shure you have PYTHON 2.5.4 or newer on your System.
    The second step is to install wxpython and python-poppler.

    After you are done - feel free to do the following:
        $ wget
        $ tar xfv DouF00-current.tar.gz
        $ cd DouF00-2.0.1/
        $ chmod +x
        $ su root
        # ./ install

    x Default config
        Before i am going to talk about the configuration, we need
        to take a look at some of the common terms that you may
        not be familiar with.

        * Time:
            A value used for the timers (i.e.: countdown,..)
            to keep track of your remaining presentation time.
            We use minutes ;)
        * Blank:
            This one often caused confusion. A blank slide is
            a slide that just holds your company logo, or the
            the title of the talk. It is used while you wait for
            somebody to inderduce you to the audience before you
            give your presentation. It will be shown before your
            first slide. and after the last (so you don't have to
            put a "blank" or "spacer" slide at the beginning and
            the end of your presentation files.
            (please note that unless this value is set, the first
            and last slide will always be black)
        * Pre Douf00 and Post douf00:
            This is simply a system command being executed before
            douf00 starts up and post douf00 is the command executed
            automatically after you close douf00.
            (this feature is nice for automatic beamer configuration.
            we will go into this later on)
        * Slides:
            Douf00 uses pdf or jpeg or tiff or png exports of your slides
            that have been created with any slide creation tool as the
            input material. We recommend pdf as it is seemingly the fastest
            one at the moment. (?wtf? pdf xD)

    x Configuration files
        Like most configuration files the douf00 config is located in your
        home directory. Or to be exact ~/.douf00/douf00.conf
        In my case this would be /home/presentation/.douf00/douf00.conf

        THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT for having this file. As the program will
        use some acceptable default settings, however if you have a speakers
        remote that you would want to work with douf00, i highly suggest you
        try to set it up int he configuration file.

        Also, if you feel like me and prefer douf00 to automatically configure
        your beamer for you. (i do this using xrandr) i suggest you make use of
        the pre and post douf00 options.

    x Beamer-Setup
        Beamer auto configuration is simple on most systems. If they are compatible
        with xrandr, its literally one line in the configuration file.
        However if you use a window manager that overwrites those settings or you
        prefer a graphical tool to take on this job for you, it will still be
        be possible.
        Note from natano&naxxatoe: We use douf00 on our notebooks.
        (naxxatoe has one of the first eeepc's that doesn't work with
        external screens bigger than 800x600 for some odd reason! This is a
        excerpt from this config file!)
                preDouF00: xrandr --output VGA --mode 800x600 --above LVDS
                preDouF00: xrandr --output VGA --mode 1024x768 --above LVDS --output LVDS --mode 1024x600

    x Advanced Configuration
        The most advanced setup possible is of corse to have a separate user on your machine to
        take care of your presentations (naxxatoe has this). The reason why i like it is simple.
        i will just log in with the username presentation and a password. Afterwards connect the
        VGA jack to my netbook and hit startx!

        After that my graphical interface starts, sets my background, loads a small window manager
        that only allows me to move my windows around if i feel like it AND startds douf00.
        Setting it up is less complicated than most of you think.
        After adding a user on my machine using 'adduser presentation' i switched to /home/presentation/
        and created my douf00.conf in .douf00/douf00.conf

        I also took the time do set it up, so that my background (gets automatically set when x11 starts)
        is my blank slide (so it gets displayed before and after the presentation.
        Making use of preDouf00 i automatically set my external monitor/beamer to 800x600 resolution and
        attach it above my notebooks display.

        To automatically set your background for x11 and launch douf00 as well as the window manager,
        i suggest you make use of the .xinitrc !
        Mine looks somewhat like this:

            fbsetbg /home/presentation/nnc.jpeg&
            tinywm &
            exec douf00 /home/presentation/slides.pdf

        Since you may wonder what my configuration file looks like at this point i decided to include
        it here, to help everybody understand what it does.

            ## Sample douf00.conf
            # comments start at the beginning of the line with #
            blankSlide: /home/presentation/logo.jpg
            exitAfterLastSlide: False
            preDouF00: xrandr --auto
            postDouF00: echo "Bye"
            time: 45
            slidePath: /home/presentation/my_presentation.pdf
            # the pdf is password protected, so i need the next line
            password: my_secret_password

    x Command line options
        Usage: douf00 [options] [slidepath]

            --version             show program's version number and exit
            -h, --help            show this help message and exit
            -t TIME, --time=TIME  presentation time
            -b BLANKSLIDE, --blank=BLANKSLIDE    blank slide
            -e, --exit            exit after last slide
            -s PREDOUF00, --pre=PREDOUF00
                                   			command to be run when startin app
            -p POSTDOUF00, --post=POSTDOUF00
                                   			command to be run after the app
            -B BLANKPAGE, --blankpage=BLANKPAGE
                                   			page of PDF file to use as blank slide
             -S, --password       PDF file password

    If you experience problems using douf00 please contact us.
    Bugs&Feature Requests go to !
    Please keep in mind that we are not planning to build a slide
    creation tool and we wont integrate with other projects.
    Keeping it as a standalone tool seems to be the best choice
    for us. However we would love to have others learn from us!

    Feedback, Problems and so on... Mail us at:

    The main reason why we created douf00 is because
    we (nice name crew) travel to conferences very often.
    AS a matter of fact i always carried my macbook pro to
    every event. I always loved keynote and how the presenters
    screen works. Not having to worry about your beamer configuration
    and presenters screen is really comforting.
    However since i love to pack small and play big (on it stuff)
    i really felt we had to do something about it.
    Given the current situation presenters using linux have to deal
    with, we decided to simplify it.
    Of corse as a geek i would love to travel just with my netback
    saving valuable space in my backpack. In reality i was always
    caring my heavy macbook pro 15" everywhere just to lecture.
    Not only is it bad to give a presentation standing behind your
    machine because your presenters remote doesn't work.
    It is also highly annoying to always have to fumble around with
    your graphics card.
    Given the large verity of tools for creating your slides.
    (i.e.: powerpoint, open office impress, apple's keynote,
    We felt there was no room for yet another slide creation tool.
    Nonetheless i noticed my desire to jump onstage, give a really
    good presentation without the usual worries.
    To be honest i use Keynote from apple on my home computer as i
    find it the most comforting tool to create slides.
    But now that we have created doufoo i save up on baggage space,
    and i finally managed to get rid of all the worries beforehand.

    But what is doufoo? - The perfect choice for every presenter that
    has more important stuff todo than care about beamer configuration
    more than once. Its fast, simple and lightweight.
    We think that caring less about your gear and focusing on the
    presentation itself is the best way to keep your audience
    enthusiastic and entertained.

    Now i know some of you will be very disappointed due to the
    fact that we deliver the best presentation screen there is
    at the moment. And the best part about it is that this project
    is entirely open source.
    I have been using my linux system for years and now finally
    we have something good to give back (except for exploits and
    bug reports).
    Since we lack the option of configuring a beamer (due to
    not all systems working with xrandr or having standardized
    pa for it. We simply provide you with a pre douf00 and post
    douf00 option.

    But without further due, i highly suggest you try douf00 yourself
    and see if it helps you. - ENJOY


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