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Brief intro to ActionView. Project documentation can be found at at and the code is included below. Please view this file in raw view to see the code as the view is converting the HTML in this document.

========== $ rails new supplies

$ cd /supplies

$ rails g scaffold Food name expiration_date:date qty:integer description

$ rake db:migrate

$ rails s

This launches the rails server. CTRL C exits the server.

go to http://localhost:3000/foods

Add a few foods!

--- Step 1. Add a navigation heading “List of all Foods” --- go to /supplies/app/views/layouts/application.html.erb inside the body tag add:

List of all Foods

--- Step 2. Edit the view, create a search form --- go to /supplies/app/views/foods/index.html.erb file below the

heading add:

<%= form_tag(foods_path, :method => "get", id: "search-form") do %> <%= text_field_tag :search, params[:search], placeholder: "Search Users" %> <%= submit_tag "Search", :name => nil %> <% end %>

--- Step 3. Edit the controller, define the index parameters --- go to /supplies/app/controllers/foods_controller.rb

replace def index @foods = Food.all end

with def index if params[:search] @foods =[:search]).order("name ASC") else @foods = Food.all.order("name ASC") end end

--- Step 4. Edit the model, define search query and include name validation of model records. --- go to model /supplies/app/models/food.rb replace the default text with the text below

class Food < ActiveRecord::Base validate :name_included

def name_included validates_presence_of :name end end

  where("name like ?", "%#{query}%") 

--- Step 5. Edit the form, to change default date_select date range --- go to /supplies/app/views/foods/_form.html.erb file

change <%= f.date_select :expiration_date %> to <%= f.date_select(:expiration_date,:start_year => 2014, end_year: 2030) %>

--- Add a few more foods and you're DONE! ---