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AI & ML Engineering

Teko is looking for a highly motivated AI and ML engineer. This position is responsible for designing and implementing ML solutions on e-retail and e-commerce use cases. You'll be collaborating closely with our engineers and must be able to work efficiently across various teams.


  • Collaborate with multiple teams and build automated solutions.
  • Develops AI/ML solutions by delivering working and re-usable python code.
  • Build, debug, train/test and maintain AI and ML algorithms and pipelines in python.
  • Implement and port ML algorithms from papers, blogs and other publications/sources.
  • Document AI/ML solutions in a clear and understandable way
  • Explain and Share AI/ML results with blogs and demos
  • Deep understanding of Algebra, Calculus and Statistics
  • Deep understanding of Machine Learning principles such as:
    • bias/variance tradeoff,
    • cross validation,
    • under/over fitting,
    • loss functions,
    • back propagation,
    • convolution,
    • decision trees,
    • search algorithms,
    • graph algorithms,
    • multi-armed bandits,
  • Proficient in Python
  • Knowledged of
    • Keras
    • TensorFlow
    • Scipy, Numpy, Pandas
    • Scikit Learn
    • Xboost
  • Develop ML APIs:
    • Pragmatic approach
    • Lean and incremental design
    • Engineering first
    • Curious and crafty

Preferred Qualifications

Excellent verbal and written communication skills; strong attention to detail Passion to automate more, learn new software tools and technologies Natural aptitude for both teaching and learning from others in a collaborative team environment

Hiring Test

Build an OCR system using keras which is able to correctly convert this jpeg image to text. Reference: 20'000 leagues under the sea


Provide the repo (github, gitlab, etc) of your solution to the hiring test, attach your latest CV to your email and send it to hashtag #datateam in the subject line

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