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Infra Engineering

Teko is looking for a highly motivated hands-on Infra engineer. This position is responsible for designing and implementing physical clusters which will support a number of analytical and storage services (mainly Spark, Cassandra, Redis, ELK, Prometheus). You'll be collaborating closely with our engineers and must be able to work efficiently across various teams.


  • Collaborate with multiple teams and build automated solutions.
  • Manage and control rack-mounted servers, routers, and power units.
  • Manage and control rack chassis, and data centers components (mechanical, electrical, air flow, safety)
  • Select and Benchmark and Configure hardware components such as SSD, HDD, GPU, Ethernet Cards, CPU, DRAMs, SATA, RAID, Flash
  • Understand and analyse hw configuration trade-offs (performance, power, cost, simplicity, durability, maintenance)
  • Understanding of Thermal and Power Envelope for Rack Mounted Systems

Preferred Qualifications

Excellent verbal and written communication skills; strong attention to detail Passion to automate more, learn new software tools and technologies Natural aptitude for both teaching and learning from others in a collaborative team environment

Hiring Test

Define a cluster of 5 nodes rack mounted system for mixed use interactive/batch analytics, running, cassandra, spark, kubernetes. Provide a list of materials for the system, explain the decisions taken, evaluate performance, power, cost, simplicity, durability, maintenance for the chosen configuration.


Provide the repo (github, gitlab, etc) of your solution to the hiring test, attach your latest CV to your email and send it to hashtag #datateam in the subject line

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