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Max ToolBox : Patch faster in Max/MSP

The Max ToolBox is a tool that simplifies aspects of patching within the Max/MSP environment. The main feature is the ability to quickly connect objects using keyboard shortcuts. You can:

Features Overview

function shortkey shell
connect multiple objects to a single a @ms
connect single to multiple q @sm
connect multiple objects to consecutive inlets of one object s @rs
connect consecutive outlets of one object to a row w @sr
connect rows of objects in parallel e @rr
connect cascade C (shift - c) @cc
connect multiple inlets of one object to multiple inlets of another d @cc
choose number of inlet for next connection I (shift - i) i
choose number of outlet for next connection O (shift - o) o
choose number of connections to make from one object N (shift - n) n
create new object(s) with connection to selected object(s) | (shift - \) @no
select next object down S (shift - s)
select next object up W (shift - w)
distribute objects horizontally with even spacing hold x
distribute objects vertically with even spacing hold y
distribute objects diagonally with even spacing hold x & y
custom connections via shell-style interface ± (shift - §)
send bang to selected objects B (shift - b)
send messages to objects via the shell ± (shift - §)
set ascending scriptingnames for objects @name myParam$
customize shortkeys


Open documentation

Install (Max 8)

Download the latest version of the package for Max 8

1. download latest code zip
2. unzip and place in Max Packages (on MacOS ~/Documents/Max 8/Packages)
3. restart Max8, open ToolBox from Menubar/Extras
4. click Activate
1. open terminal
2. $ cd ~/Documents/Max\ 8/Packages
3. $ git clone
4. restart Max8, open ToolBox from Menubar/Extras
4. click Activate

To re-install/update the ToolBox

  1. Make sure you delete all files related to the ToolBox
  2. Install as described above.

For Max 7 and older

⚠️ This version is temporarily not supported for Max 7 or older ⚠️


MaxToolBox is a plugin for Max/MSP that will help you patch faster






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