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#Max ToolBox : A plugin for Max/MSP to help you patch faster.

The Max ToolBox is a tool that simplifies some aspects of patching within the Max/MSP environment. The main feature is the ability to quickly connect objects using keyboard shortcuts.


Max 7
Max 5 and 6
Max 4


###For Max 6.1 and newer

Unzip the Toolbox folder in your packages folder located in ~/Documents/Max/Packages

###For Max 6 and older

  1. Place the ToolBox folder in one of your search path (Easiest is in "Cycling' 74")
  2. Place the ToolBox.maxpat file in your extras folder

###To re-install/update the ToolBox

  1. Make sure you delete all files related to the ToolBox
  2. Install as described above.

##Contact me

You can contact me on Twitter or by email: maxtoolbox [at]


Donations are always appreciated. Thanks !

Click here to lend your support to: Max ToolBox !


MaxToolBox is a plugin for Max/MSP that will help you patch faster



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