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Most JavaScript runs within a web page. Using JavaScript with HTML is essential to the majority of JavaScript projects. This is true if you are writing an app or game for a phone, tablet, web browser or desktop computer. They use the HTML DOM (Document Object Model) to output to the screen.

In this tutorial in 6 short lessons you will learn how to -

  • Use Javascript … in a web page
  • … Print text to a web page
  • … Accept input from a web page
  • … Output to a web element
  • … Utilize CSS to place text where you want it (and to style it)
  • … Utilize CSS to place images where you want them

Although some of this can be accomplished by using JQuery it is useful to learn how to do this natively (which can also save you speed and memory in your apps).

Lesson 1 - Including JavaScript In A Web Page

Lesson 2 - Outputting Text To The Web Page

Lesson 3 - Accessing Input From A Web Page

Lesson 4 - Outputting Text To A Specific Element In A Web Page

Lesson 5 - Placing Text On A Web Page Using CSS

Lesson 6 - Placing Images On A Web Page Using CSS

JQuery Overview

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