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Valentunes Docs

(some blurb about what Valentunes is) Eventually this app will be hosted at

Valentunes components

  1. Web input & mobile
    • Name
    • Interests
    • Intro note
    • Your email
  2. Get suggested tracks
    • from Musixmatch
    • and/or from Hunch (based on your sweetheart's Twitter / Facebook ID)
  3. From this list of tracks, display filtered playlist using Echonest API
    • by genre
    • by energy
    • by likeness to a favorite artist
    • by ...?
  4. "The Gift" - present the greeting and song at a unique URL

  5. Bonus: send "valentune" to your sweetheart by phone using Twilio
    • add an optional personal recorded greeting via Twilio

Getting started

You must install the components using pip:

$ git clone
$ virtualenv valentunes
$ cd valentunes
$ source bin/activate
$ easy_install pip
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Now you can start up Django with:

$ cd vt
$ ./ runserver

Testing with Poster

Download Poster this Firefox plugin.

And then pass a POST using the following as the content:

    "interests": "Hello",
    "to_email": "",
    "from_name": "Anna",
    "intro_note": "",
    "to_phone": "",
    "from_email": "",
    "recipient_name": "Nate",
    "from_phone": ""

Make sure that you set the Content-type to application/json The response should return the URL to the new object that was just created. i.e.:


Testing with curl (don't use - this is deprecated)

To add a new card via the API, type this command in the terminal:

$ curl localhost:8000/api/card/ -F "from_name=Nate" -F ""
    "interests": "",
    "to_email": "",
    "from_name": "Josh",
    "create_date": "2011-02-12 18:25:45",
    "intro_note": "",
    "_state": "<django.db.models.base.ModelState object at 0x1019b2910>",
    "to_phone": "",
    "from_email": "",
    "recipient_name": "",
    "from_phone": "",
    "id": 3

Now fetch that record you just created:

$ curl localhost:8000/api/3/
    "interests": "",
    "to_email": "",
    "from_name": "Nate",
    "create_date": "2011-02-12 18:25:45",
    "intro_note": "",
    "_state": "<django.db.models.base.ModelState object at 0x1019b2c90>",
    "to_phone": "",
    "from_email": "",
    "recipient_name": "",
    "from_phone": "",
    "id": 3

If you want to delete the record, type this command:

$ curl-X DELETE http://localhost:8000/api/1/

API resources

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