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App to call those who are important to you
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PickupConnect is a web app to automatically call people who are important to you. Just create an account, type in your friends/family and their phone numbers, and pickupconnect will call you and them randomly or on a schedule that you specify.

PickupConnect was created at the Boston Startup Weekend Oct. 15-16, 2011.

To install this app (assuming you are on Mac or Linux):

$ curl -O
$ python

Or if you have easy_install on your machine (don't do this if you did the above):

$ sudo easy_install pip

Then create the virtualenv:

$ sudo pip install virtualenv
$ virtualenv pickupconnect --no-site-packages
$ cd pickupconnect
$ source bin/activate
(pickupconnect)$ git clone
(pickupconnect)$ cd pickupconnect
(pickupconnect)$ pip install -r requirements.txt
(pickupconnect)$ python syncdb
(pickupconnect)$ python collectstatic -l
(pickupconnect)$ python runserver

Running tests

To run the tests (later we can integrate nose as the testrunner):

$ python test


To aid in debugging, set a trace in your code:

import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()


Below are some of the packages that we've used to build PickupConnect, or are considering using as the app matures.



  • django-contacts-import import your Yahoo, Google or vCard contacts.
  • csvkit bunch of tools to work with CSV files. Useful for importing people's contact lists


Twilio is a cool service that we use to connect you by phone with your friends and loved ones.

Thanks to Rob Spectre from Twilio for answering all of our questions, providing Twilio credit, and writing this thoughtful and inspirational blog post about losing someone you love

Form Fields


HTML5 Boilerplate

We're not using this right now, but if we wanted to make the site work better on mobile devices, it might be worth switching to this.


We're not using these yet, but if we wanted to build better scheduling of the best times to call, we could use these packages.


  • django-mobile Detects the user agent and lets you serve up different templates depending on the device.

If we wanted to build an API, for example to provide a backend to an iPhone or Android mobile phone app, we could build it with TastyPie.


  • django-media-brute Automatic collecting, compiling, and minifying of CSS and JS for Django projects
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