Cards of the Wild
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Cards of the Wild

A project developed for CS 631 at SF State for Spring 2015. This interactive 2 player game was built as part of the World-of-Balance project.

In the layout of this game both players will have a deck of cards, which are constructed from up to 30-40 of the animals within the World of Balance universe. The animals in the cards can be divided into three categories; herbivores, carnivores and omnivores – each class having its own specific traits in the game. Each animal card will have an attack and defense value, which are unique for each animal.

The game ends when the other player has successfully destroyed the opponent’s Tree of Life, or when either of the players runs out of herbivore and omnivore cards, which results in an automatic loss (as the player would then be unable to attack the opponent’s Tree of Life). The winner will be awarded potentially with money and/or extra environmental score that can be used within the World-of-Balance ecosystem.


Technical Documentation for this project can be found here