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<h1 class="tk-adobe-garamond-pro">TastingTonight</h1>
<h4 class="tk-adobe-garamond-pro">[ Craft Beer, Wine, Scotch ]</h4>
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<h3>Host a professional-quality tasting party with your friends. <br> We deliver
expert-curated tasting boxes <i>every weekend</i> in New York City.</h3>
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<h2>Tasting Packages</h2>
<h5>In every package, you'll receive:</h5>
<li>Free delivery to anywhere in NYC</li>
<li>30 minutes of video tasting notes from a TastingTonight professional critic</li>
<li>5 tasting glasses (real glass!)</li>
<li>Printed tasting notes and hosting guide</li>
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<h4>This weekend's pack:</h4>
<h5>Introducing Islays</h5>
<li>Laphroaig 18 Year</li>
<li>Lagavulin 16 Year</li>
<li>Caol Isla Signatory 1999</li>
<li>Bunhabhain Toiteach</li>
<li>Bowmore Darkest 15 Year</li>
<p class="sell">Introduce yourself and your friends to the world of
peated scotches. This unique package of rare, classic and well-aged
bottlings is an incredible flight.</p>
<div class="third">
<h3>Craft Beer</h3>
<h4>This weekend's pack:</h4>
<h5>Summer in New York</h5>
<li>Sunshine Pils</li>
<li>Allagash White</li>
<li>Harpoon Summer Beer</li>
<li>Bluepoint Blueberry Ale</li>
<li>Circus Boy Hefeweizen</li>
<p class="sell">Grab some friends and some lawnchairs, because this pack is an amazing selection of the best summer beers we could find. Drink this
one outside.</p>
<div class="third">
<h4>This weekend's pack:</h4>
<h5>Sparkling France</h5>
<li>Saumur Brut, Non Dose</li>
<li>Cremant de Bourgogne</li>
<li>Mauzac Nature, Plageoles</li>
<li>Brut de Savoie</li>
<li>Garden Brut - Reserve</li>
<p class="sell">The French aren't exactly renowned for their military victories, but that's because they spent their time with their grapes rather than their guns.</p>
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