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LPS-28194 - Make forcePost false by default in Icon taglib #46

wants to merge 53 commits into from
ipeychev commented Jul 2, 2012

No description provided.

johnnyhowey and others added some commits Jun 26, 2012
@johnnyhowey johnnyhowey SOS-1112 f06ed26
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1109 Letters with descenders get trimmed 1ff64ec
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1107 Source Formatting 60b055d
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1107 Improving Wiki Table of Contents and Making names in Forum c…
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1107 Document library changes 58d6cac
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1107 Improvements to the contacts center 1a05281
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1107 Removing actions word in Message Board portlet. eaad8b7
@aarondelani aarondelani SOS-1107 Source Formatting and adding in the reset template for user. b1b46f0
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom SOS-1107 Source formatting 586a0d9
@petershin petershin LPS-28188 e2332a5
@ealonso ealonso SOS-1047 8afb9cd
@fabiopezzutto fabiopezzutto LPS-27469 Calendar Booking reminder and notification 961ab5c
@fabiopezzutto fabiopezzutto LPS-27469 Regenerate d3d85da
@fabiopezzutto fabiopezzutto LPS-13554 Change Calendar Booking notification recipients 676c5b5
@fabiopezzutto fabiopezzutto LPS-13554 Regenerate edba6c6
@fabiopezzutto fabiopezzutto LPS-27469 Fix reminder subject and body text dacc834
@fabiopezzutto fabiopezzutto LPS-27469 Regenerate 37ccf50
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren LPS-27469 Source Formatting (manual) 1f3276d
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren LPS-27469 Source Formatting jsps (manual) 96ed010
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren LPS-27469 Regenerate c61a6f8
@natecavanaugh LPS-27469 - Source formatting 7c15656
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren LPS-27469 Source Formatting 8a7e674
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27469 - Source formatting 31e74a1
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27469 Regenerate 8139dc2
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27469 - Source formatting 8510ef5
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27469 Regenerate d3196da
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Regenerate d1bc7ca
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Eclipse and ignore patterns 8593c2d
@brunobasto brunobasto LPS-27462 GRP Calendar - Add a to toggle "code" fi…
…eld from the UI
@eduardolundgren eduardolundgren LPS-27462 Source Formatting bde43dc
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27462 Logic for "forcing" an auto generated code should be in CRL…
…SI and not in the Action
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-27462 Regenerate cfb1925
@epgarcia epgarcia LPS-19268 Jira Disclosure Private Activities security is NULL 53de46f
@amosfong amosfong LPS-19268 source formatting 06ef1de
@mhan810 mhan810 LPS-28192 - add support for specifying dependent servlet contexts whe…
…n executing scripts
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-28192 Increase size of db column 29cba87
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-28192 Source formatting 850e82a
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-28192 Regenerate 8b3391f
@lionah lionah LPS-28260 Failed installs due to corrupt WARs should be deleted 7db9717
@lionah lionah LPS-28260 Do not rely on Friendly URL mapper implementation 963b47f
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-28260 Source formatting df5a403
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Source formatting 00f044f
@kevincho kevincho Marketplace App Screenshots 02c0a52
@kevincho kevincho Marketplace apps tags and categories e818b0d
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Removed category "Liferay EE Plugin", I think that's wrong? 53c8ebe
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Fix compatibility 53a8ec4
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Regenerate 48de64e
@mhan810 mhan810 LPS-26066 - adding test portlet for cache overrides 96e6659
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26066 Source formatting 7a5936c
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-26066 Eclipse 4768e86
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Releng 19be3f9
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Regenerate 015d485
@ipeychev ipeychev LPS-28194 - Make forcePost false by default in Icon taglib f07b714

Merged and pushed to Brian. Thanks :)
View total diff: 5f3994b...99d4af5

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