LPS-30351 - Implement inline editing in Blogs #914

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zsoltbalogh and others added some commits Nov 19, 2012
@zsoltbalogh @brianchandotcom zsoltbalogh LPS-31007 Basic fix pack patching API 3703ab9
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser LPS-31007 Source formatting 6d98866
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser LPS-31007 Add logging if patch folder has not been configured properly d0b9d49
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-31007 Source formatting 5a9251a
@daledotshan @brianchandotcom daledotshan LPS-31080 e073da9
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-31080 Source formatting a066084
@pure59 @brianchandotcom pure59 LPS-30948 Fix typo adcdf24
@zsoltbalogh @brianchandotcom zsoltbalogh LPS-31104 User-Agent attribute sometimes doesn't contain a String 26a49e1
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser LPS-31104 Fix logic - we still want to return the userAgent (and not …
…a blank String) when the object is in fact a proper String :-)
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser LPS-31104 Apply same logic to getAccept 41e5a30
@hhuijser @brianchandotcom hhuijser LPS-31104 Source formatting 4013770
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-31104 Simplify by using "String.valueOf" b22c21d
@natecavanaugh @brianchandotcom Updating Alloy to 5887563; LPS-31011 c9c8887
@NorbertKocsis @brianchandotcom NorbertKocsis LPS-30915 Import data related portlet preferences when dataImport is …
…false, if scope==global
@danielkocsis @brianchandotcom danielkocsis LPS-30915 Source formatting 3009ffe
@danielkocsis @brianchandotcom danielkocsis LPS-30915 Update test case ab71e65
@epgarcia @brianchandotcom epgarcia LPS-30915 Source formatting 36dda0f
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-30915 Source formatting 18fd3c1
@danielkocsis @brianchandotcom danielkocsis LPS-31115 Make isAuditedModel() type safe 81b6ee4
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-31115 Source formatting d0c5bab
@matethurzo @brianchandotcom matethurzo LPS-30889 Adding support for StagedModel to Service Builder 9142a5e
@matethurzo @brianchandotcom matethurzo LPS-30889 Adding StagedModelDataHandler interface and base Impl class ad967bd
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-30889 Source formatting 8d1540d
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-30889 Regenerate 5f0fcdf
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Regen f13c43b
@brianchandotcom Zsolt Berentey LPS-30769 Fix permission check for reflection within the same classlo…
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-30769 Source formatting 39f681d
@dejuknow @brianchandotcom dejuknow LPS-31094 File does not update if uploading a blank file as an edit e5e962b
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom Source formatting b760f73
@brianchandotcom Joshua Robins Test Fixes - properties/managepages fb30a64
@alee8888 @brianchandotcom alee8888 Test Fixes - properties/managepages 0aea6bf
@brianchandotcom brianchandotcom LPS-31104 String.valueOf returns "null" 262014c
@ipeychev ipeychev LPS-30346 - Upgrade CKEditor to version 4.0 beta 33c9d47
@ipeychev ipeychev LPS-30352 - Extend the CKEditor's API to allow inline editing 68db5ba
@JorgeFerrer @ipeychev JorgeFerrer LPS-30353 391937b
@JorgeFerrer @ipeychev JorgeFerrer LPS-30353 - Blogs 4eee9f1
@JorgeFerrer @ipeychev JorgeFerrer Inline editing for asset publisher and wiki d1324da
@ipeychev ipeychev LPS-31130 - Display notifications on saving drafts db96366
@ipeychev ipeychev LPS-30352 - Extract CKEditor inline functionality in separate module 9650936

Heya Iliyan, I started to pull this down, but it looks like Sergio made some commits to the build.xml and it won't rebase anymore. Can you rebase and resend? Thanks!

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