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Language Wrappers for Percussion CM1 REST API's
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Percussion CM1 REST API Wrappers

This project aims to provide a series of native wrappers for the various RESTful API's provided by Percussion CM1 to make the API's more accessible to Developers working in those languages.

API Targets

The current target is the products Content API which can be used to perfrom batch operations on Assets stored within the content repository. Common application targets may be batch translations, advanced link processing, or batch spell checking operations, asset migration etc.

More information on the Content API can be found here: []

.NET Wrappers

Wrappers for .NET can be found in the dotnet sub folder. The wrappers are currently being coded with a .NET 4.0 target and to cross compile for Mono or Microsoft .NET Runtimes.

Java Wrappers

Wrappers for Java can be found in the java sub folder. This project is currently lagging .NET a bit.

Project Status & Contributors

This is currently a work in progress and definitely has a ways to go before it is a release version.

I am currently working this project in my spare time (which is really sparse), so if you would like to contribute in the mean time: By all means, fork, push and pull away!

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