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A PropelORM Behavior that allows multiple aggregate columns on a single table, something which is not possible with the bundled aggregate column using Propel 1.6
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As noted by ulfhermann, this is probably better than using this behavior:

You know that you can just define multiple behaviours with different names but the same PHP class in your, do you? e.g. in my case

propel.behavior.inline_join.class = behavior.InlineJoinBehavior
propel.behavior.inline_join_1.class = behavior.InlineJoinBehavior
propel.behavior.inline_join_2.class = behavior.InlineJoinBehavior
propel.behavior.inline_join_3.class = behavior.InlineJoinBehavior


This behavior is an almost exact copy of the bundled aggregate_column behavior, with the addition of allowing multiple aggregate columns on a single table - something not possible with the existing behavior.

For anyone reading this who wants some basic info on usage, here is the schema I am currently using:

<behavior name="multiple_aggregate_column">
    <parameter name="count" value="2" />
    <parameter name="name1" value="amount_total" />
    <parameter name="foreign_table1" value="invoice_item" />
    <parameter name="expression1" value="SUM(price)" />
    <parameter name="name2" value="amount_paid" />
    <parameter name="foreign_table2" value="invoice_payment" />
    <parameter name="expression2" value="SUM(amount)" />

Basically, the required fields are:

  • count - integer, the number of aggregate columns that you are using with this table starting at 1
  • nameX - the name of the column (see aggregate_column behavior for more info)
  • foreign_tableX - the foreign table used for the expression (see aggregate_column behavior for more info)
  • expressionX - the select part of the SQL to get the aggregate value (see aggregate_column behavior for more info)
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