This repository houses a docker-compose system to spin up FTC nodes in Regtest mode, with explorer.
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FTC-in-a-box is a simple docker recipe that builds FTC from the github source, builds the iquidius explorer and attaches them together. So that you can have your own little "test" network right on your own computer. It's super lean, and you can generate many blocks pretty quickly.

If you have never setup or run docker, then this is your chance to spin it up and use it to develop something awesome with feathercoin!


  1. Install Docker Community for your platform of choice - Here
  2. Git clone this repository into a folder and navigate into it
git clone ftcbox
cd ftcbox
  1. Use the docker-compose command to build and turn on these containers
docker-compose up

This will now build the ftc-in-a-box as well as the explorer containers and start them.

Things to note:

  • When you boot via docker-compose that terminal will be hung with the log output of these containers
  • A "data" folder will be created to persist the mongodb database in this folder. You are safe to delete this when you want to start completely fresh from the db.

Generate blocks on the local regtest network.

Open a new terminal window.

docker ps

This will list all the docker containers running on your system. Find the one that houses ftcregtest. In order to get into the container that is running feathercoind, you run the following:

docker exec -it CONTAINERID /bin/bash

the CONTAINERID will look like a short hash. This will launch you into the container in this terminal window. There is a helper "make" to help you generate coins and work in this small environment.

To generate coins, simply type in the /data directory

make generate

You will see it will make a new block, and the associated coins. If you type it again you will get another block made. If you want more than a few blocks type

make generate BLOCKS=105

This will generate 105 blocks. While this is good, as you generate more, the difficulty will rise, and with that, it will get to the point where each block takes 1 minute to find about. Which means if you type BLOCKS=1000, then after the first few hundred, it will sgtart getting slower and slower and take a long time to generate blocks. Generally I start with over 100, so I have some coin to play with and then don't need many more than that. You can look in the Makefile for other command you can run. It's just a simple helper to make dealing with multiple daemons of the coin.

make getinfo

Will help you see the two feathercoind daemons and how many blocks they each see and so forth.


To see the explorer, simply goto "http://localhost:3001" - With docker, you are running these containers on your local computer, self contained, with certain ports exposed and with you having access to see them.

Right now, you have to get into the container, navigate to /opt/iquidius and run "node scripts/sync.js index reindex" to update the database with what is in the blockchain.

Testing other scenarios

Docker Cheat sheet If you want to start completely over and wipe out everything in docker, you can just run

docker rmi $(docker images -f dangling=true -q)

After this, you should be all the way cleaned up. You can open and edit the "Dockerfile" inside the ftc-in-a-box and change the branch and build options and such. Once you do that, you can start the build process over walking through the steps above.