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My "circus" page is a directory of smaller attractions / interactive web pages. I have been adding at least one page daily and hope to keep this up for the rest of the year.

Past day writeups:

Day 1: Strobe Light

A simple light switch that activates a strobe effect. Not recommended for anyone with epilepsy / flashing color sensitivity. Vanilla JS and DOM manipulation.

To be added: speed slider and color picker.

Day 2: Drumpad

Interactive virtual drumpad based off a JavaScript30 project. Really fun to bang out some beats! Uses HTML audio elements and keydown / CSS transition events.

To be added: sound selection, mobile accessible interface.

Day 3: Succs

Spinning succulents. What more could you want? Simple CSS animation practice with mouseover events, spin direction is randomized and reverses back to original position.

To be added:

Day 4: DressCat

A cat dress up game in pure JS / CSS / DOM manipulation. Much of the work was spent in photoshop instead of vs code.

To be added: more artwork

Day 5: Meditate

A meditation web app using React. Set a timer, choose from optional calming background sounds including waves, rain, and prayer bowls, and give yourself a moment to relax.

To be added: chime alert on end, better mobile styling.

Ideas for coming days:

ferris wheel splash page?

blog page / mini ideas blog page

drawing pad

trending image remixer

photo jiggler (add random class animations)

cat glasses thing

(banana eater)

button chaser

big head moving thing

keep me outta my zone

Wunschtraum clock

Color Tiles

Random sentence generator

particle exploder



Video clip drumkit Sampler drumkit (mobile?)

Meditation timer

Zen boxes

Basic platformer or sprite shooter


webcam picture onion layers

css pyramid chart

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