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WIP Live Demo

Glitch.js is a static web image editor using JavaScript and HTML5 with custom image filtering algorithms for creative output.

Destructive Editing

Glitch.js features customized filtering algorithms to create exciting and unpredictable results from any uploaded image. Users can edit options directly through page forms allowing them for unique customization on their outputs; alternatively, a preset glitch button applies a number of pre-packaged operations for an easy introduction.

Unsplash API

The app interfaces directly with the external photo API provided by Unsplash to easily provide professional quality images guaranteed free for reuse. By using the external API, glitch is able to provide thousands of images worth of source material without increasing app hosting size.

Optimized sorting algorithms to dynamically map through multi million length integer arrays of image data quickly and efficiently Assembled specialized modal menus to display sample output gallery and inspire user creativity without interrupting their current work flow

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