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SQL Pretty Printer for Pygments

Use this Pygments plugin alongside your usual SQL lexer and any output formatter to have your SQL queries reformatted for improved readability.

This filter modifies the stream of tokens that Pygments produces by inserting whitespace at key points to make the structure of the query more obvious.


For programmatic usage, add the filter to your lexer before highlighting:

from pygments import highlight, lexers, formatters
from pygments_pprint_sql import SqlFilter

lexer = lexers.MySqlLexer()
print highlight(text, lexer, formatters.TerminalFormatter())

This plugin is also compatible with the pygmentize CLI tool, via the -F option:

pygmentize -F pprint-sql script.sql


DDL statements like CREATE and ALTER are left unformatted because formatting them reliably would be a significant undertaking, especially for all flavours of SQL.

I've done my testing with queries from an application I work on that uses MySQL. In general it should transfer nicely to other RDBMS but I can make no guarantees.

Patches always welcome, provided they come with test cases!


  • SQLParse is a standalone parser and formatter package with some nice options for customizing how formatting occurs.