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PYT is in its earliest alpha stage and is changing rapidly. It is in a working state and can be used for creating presentations, however there is a lot more to come.

PYT: Present Your Thoughts

Tired of living in PPT hell? Need to whip up nice looking presentations in a jiffy? Say hello to PYT.

PYT is a simple tool to convert your plain old markdown notes into a simple, yet sexy HTML presentation. Requires no special markdown syntax. Doesn't require an HTTP server. Just pipe your markdown into pyt and open up the resulting HTML output in your browser. Because its all in a single file, you can easily share it, mail it, host it anywhere. Currently only tested in Chrome and Mac OSX.

./pyt path/to/ path/where/to/save/presentation.html

For a more thorough description of PYT, checkout the PYT presentation of PYT (how meta).

And yes, PYT is a homage to the greatest slide of all time, Mike Jackson.