RESTful Sinatra App for Taking Notes via Command Line, Web or anywhere
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This project is only in its very early stages and will likely be changing quite a bit.

Rote is a RESTful note-taking application. The syntax is intended to feel natural but also provide a clean interface for adding meta data about your notes.

Rote uses Sintra for its clean, RESTful API and Mongo to store notes.


Requires MongoDB to be installed and running. Still need to get config out of the Task class and into a yaml config file.

Use bundler to install dependancies. From the repo's root directory run...

> bundle install

Run it

To get a basic version of the Sinatra app running, from the repo's root directory run...

> rackup


The syntax for adding tasks is very clean. Here is an example curl request to add a new task to remind us to pick up the laundry tomorrow

> curl -X POST -d "Pick up the #laundry!!"

We'll start by looking at the task itself. The message we POST is simple plain text. The # indicates the presence of a tag. This tag word is indexed and can be used in the future to categorize and locate notes quickly. Finally, all notes can be followed up with a series of !s. The ! indicates priority or how important the item is. The more !, the more important. This can be used to prioritize notes/tasks

Now lets fetch all the tasks for tomorrow

> curl

Which returns a YAML formatted response...

importance: 2
- laundry
when: 2011-05-04 04:00:00 Z
what: Pick up the laundry

General Syntax for Notes

"Some text that can include some #tags within it optionally followed by exclamation points that indicate the priority of this item!!!"

General Syntax for URL

Date Endpoints


  • Will be adding documentation for the various URL endpoints and how the can be used to
  • Adding ability to flag notes/tasks as complete
  • A simple web interface for managing in browser as opposed to the command line