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The COVID Trail

A terminal role playing game based on the popular game - The Oregon Trail. Created using Python.


The year is 2020

A mysterious illness has spread across the world, and each day the number of infections is growing.

To make matters worse, supply chain issues have left the country with a severe toilet paper shortage.

Many have chosen to lock themselves away in their homes, only emerging into the light to receive door dash meal deliveries.

But not you... You've heard of a city in the far west called Portland, where the toilet paper flows freely and avocado toast is served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Today, you set out from Atlanta with a team of capable allies with one goal...

To make it to Portland in the next 10 days, braving disease, disaster, and all kinds of danger.


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  • Choice of Character to join a party of 5 characters on a 10 day trip from Atlanta to Portland
  • Characters may keep traveling, stop for food, hunt for food, enter the store, and check their supplies on any given day
  • The party of characters are given cash to spend on supplies
  • Random negative and positive events at any point during the game that characters will have to survive
  • Ability to purchase supplies to outlast random events and make it to Portland


  • Numpy
  • Pygame
  • texttable

How to Use

To clone this application, you will need Git installed on your computer. To play the game, run the following in the command line:

    # Clone this repository
    $ git clone

    # Go into the directory
    $ cd the_covid_trail

    # Install dependencies
    $ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

    # Run the game



Python game - "The COVID Trail"






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