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README.markdown is a community run collection of tutorials for the Cappuccino web framework.

Cappuccino is a revolutionary frontend web framework that brings the power of Cocoa to the web.

You can find more information about Cappuccino, and the source itself, at github. runs on a fork of wheat, and is based on


Anyone can add new tutorials to this site! Just fork the site on github, add an article, and send a pull request.

All articles are stored in markdown format. Take a look at other articles to see how to set categories, etc.

Categories are manually ordered on the index page. If you add a new category, edit the index and the "index" method in renderers.js to add the category.

We welcome any other contributions as well! If you want to change how the site behaves, or even redesign the site, feel free to fork and modify!

Article format

Every article is a markdown file with some meta-data at the top of the file.

    Title: Getting Started with Cappuccino
    Author: Nate Martin
    Date: Mon Jun 21 2011 23:25:00 GMT-0700 (PDT)
    Categories: Getting Started

    So you've heard about this new client-side web framework called Cappuccino...

         * indent code


All articles are copyright to the individual authors. Authors can put notes about license and copyright on their individual bio pages if they wish.