A list of tools to extend the .NET Core command line (dotnet)
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A list of tool extensions for .NET Core Command Line (dotnet CLI).

These tools can be installed by executing

dotnet tool install -g $packageId

After installing, the tool should be available by running


You don't need to run "dotnet $commandName", just $commandName

The CLI also supports an older format called "project tools" or <DotNetCliToolReference>. A list of project tools is available here.

πŸ’‘ Global tools do not need to be named "dotnet-*". This is only a convention used by some authors as a way to indicate a package is meant to be used as part of the dotnet command line tool, and not a standalone tool or library reference.

Command Package Id Author Description
altcover altcover.global @SteveGilham Cross-platform code line and branch coverage tool-set for .net core/.net framework/mono
altcover.visualizer altcover.visualizer @SteveGilham Code coverage display tool to show which parts of your code aren't being covered. Requires GTK+3 installed separately
azuresigntool azuresigntool @vcsjones Code sign your files using an Authenticode certificate stored in Azure Key Vault GitHub
certes dotnet-certes @fszlin CLI tool for acquire certificates via the Automated Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol (example: LetsEncrypt.org) GitHub
cleanup dotnet-cleanup @sebnilsson .NET Core Global Tool for cleaning up solution, project or folder. GitHub
coverlet coverlet.console @tonerdo Coverlet is a cross platform code coverage library for .NET Core, with support for line, branch and method coverage. GitHub
dmd5 dmd5 @Rwing Just generate MD5 hash value in CLI. GitHub
docker-watch docker-watch @nickvdyck A command line utility to notify docker mounted volumes about changes on Windows. GitHub
docs dotnet-doc @spboyer Search docs.microsoft.com using the command line. GitHub
dotnet-aop dotnet-aop @ignatandrei A tool to make AOP for .cs files for your CI pipeline. GitHub
dotnet-aspnet-codegenerator dotnet-aspnet-codegenerator @aspnet Code generation tool for creating controllers, views, and models in ASP.NET Core projects. GitHub
dotnet-cake Cake.Tool @cake-build A tool to run cross platform Cake build scripts. GitHub
dotnet-config2json dotnet-config2json @andrewlock A simple tool to convert a web.config file to an appsettings.json file. GitHub
dotnet-cowsay dotnet-cowsay @isaac2004 CLI Tool that gives a a random blog post from discoverdot.net in cowsay format. GitHub
dotnet-dbinfo dotnet-dbinfo @berkid89 A simple cross-platform command-line tool for get useful database information (in json format). GitHub
dotnet-depends dotnet-depends @mholo65 Dependency explorer for .NET. Github
dotnet-eb Amazon.ElasticBeanstalk.Tools @aws Tools to deploy ASP.NET Core apps to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Global tool started at version 3.0.0. Github
dotnet-ecs Amazon.ECS.Tools @aws Tools to deploy containers to Amazon Elastic Container Service functions. Global tool started at version 3.0.0. Github
dotnet-encrypto dotnet-encrypto @tomchavakis A tool to encrypt/decrypt folder or files using AES 256 Encryption Algorithm Github
dotnet-fm FluentMigrator.DotNet.Cli @FluentMigrator FluentMigrator: Is a database migration framework for .NET much like Ruby on Rails Migrations. GitHub
dotnet-gitversion GitVersion.Tool @GitTools Easy Semantic Versioning (http://semver.org) for projects using Git. GitHub
dotnet-hash TheBlueSky.DotNet.Tools.SwiftHash @TheBlueSky A simple dotnet tool to calculate hashes for the given file. GitHub
dotnet-ignore dotnet-ignore @Arasz Global .NET Core tool that can download .gitignore file from github gitignore repository. GitHub
dotnet-lambda Amazon.Lambda.Tools @aws Tools to deploy AWS Lambda functions. Global tool started at version 3.0.0. Github
dotnet-migrate-2017 Project2015To2017.Migrate2017.Tool @hvanbakel Tool for converting a MSBuild project file (csproj) to VS2017 format and beyond. GitHub
dotnet-nuget-gc dotnet-nuget-gc @terrajobst A tool for cleaning the NuGet cache. GitHub
dotnet-obfuscar Obfuscar.GlobalTool @lextm A .NET Core global tool to obfuscate assemblies. GitHub
dotnet-outdated dotnet-outdated @jerriep A .NET Core global tool to display outdated NuGet packages in a project. GitHub
dotnet-property dotnet-property @pwelter34 .NET Core command-line (CLI) tool to update project properties and version numbers on build. GitHub
dotnet-retire dotnet-retire @johnkors A dotnet CLI extension to check your project for known vulnerabilities. GitHub
dotnet-runas dotnet-runas @NikolayPianikov Allows to run a dotnet process under a specified user account. GitHub
dotnet-script dotnet-script @filipw @seesharper Run C# scripts from the .NET CLI. GitHub
dotnet-search dotnet-search @billpratt Search for Nuget packages using the .NET Core CLI. GitHub
dotnet-serve dotnet-serve @natemcmaster A simple command line HTTP server, no code required. GitHub
dotnet-sonarscanner dotnet-sonarscanner @SonarSource The SonarScanner for MSBuild is the recommended way to launch a SonarQube or SonarCloud analysis for projects/solutions using dotnet command as build tool. GitHub
dotnet-sshdeploy dotnet-sshdeploy @Unosquare A dotnet CLI command that enables quick deployments over SSH. GitHub
dotnet-symbol dotnet-symbol @microsoft Symbols download utility.
dotnet-thx DotnetThx @krystiankolad Find authors of packages you are using in you project and visit their GitHub. Github
dotnet-xdt dotnet-xdt @nil4 Global tool for applying XML Document Transformations to .NET configuration files, or any other XML-structured content. GitHub
dotnetrsa dotnetrsa @stulzq Generate rsa pkcs1, pkcs8, xml format key. Conversion between the three formats. GitHub
fake fake-cli @fsharp F# MAKE 5 - A DSL FOR BUILD TASKS AND MORE. GitHub
flubu FlubuCore.GlobalTool @FlubuCore Fluent Builder. A cross platform build automation tool for building projects and executing deployment scripts using C# code. GitHub
ghi github-issues-cli @jerriep A simple command-line client for managing GitHub Issues. GitHub
giphy GiphyCli @DavidDeSloovere Find that giphy fast and just copy the url or markdown. GitHub
git-browse git-browse @nickvdyck Open the GitHub page or website for a repository in your browser. GitHub
git-istage git-istage @terrajobst A better git add -p. GitHub
git-status git-status-cli @jerriep A simple command-line utility to determine status of all Git repositories in a directory structure. GitHub
gti gti @shaun-h Global tool for installing .Net Global tools from a tools.gti file. GitHub
html-copy-vscode HtmlCopyVSCode @slang25 A global tool to convert snippets copied from VS Code into plain html to paste into your blog. GitHub
idgen IdentifierGenerator @abock idgen supports the bulk generation of various types of unique identifiers. GitHub
LocalAppVeyor localappveyor @joaope .NET Core global tool which brings appveyor.yml to the center of your build process by making possible to execute its build jobs, locally. GitHub
nbgv nbgv @AArnott A .NET Core Tool that can install, read and set version information based on git history, using Nerdbank.GitVersioning. GitHub
NuGetKeyVaultSignTool NuGetKeyVaultSignTool @onovotny Code sign your .nupkg files using an Authenticode certificate stored in Azure Key Vault GitHub
nuke Nuke.GlobalTool @nuke-build Run and setup NUKE builds with a single command on any platform πŸš€ GitHub
NuKeeper NuKeeper @AnthonySteele Find outdated NuGet packages and apply updates to them. GitHub
nyancat nyancat @nickvdyck Nyancat 😻 in your terminal, rendered through ANSI escape sequences. A port of the original terminal application to make this cat run on dotnet core. πŸ±β€πŸ GitHub
otterkeys OtterKeys @natsuo Quickly create Ed25519 key pairs for signing and verifying messages or other data. GitHub
protogen protobuf-net.Protogen @mgravell protobuf-net code-generation from .proto schema files. GitHub
reportgenerator dotnet-reportgenerator-globaltool @danielpalme ReportGenerator converts XML reports generated by OpenCover, PartCover, dotCover, Visual Studio, NCover or Cobertura into human readable reports in various formats. GitHub
rider dotnet-rider-cli @markrendle Windows only Adds a rider command to launch JetBrains Rider when it's installed via Toolbox. GitHub
sleet Sleet @emgarten A static NuGet feed generator. GitHub
srihash srihash-cli @natemcmaster Generates the SRI hash for <script> tags in browsers GitHub
sysinfo Elemental.SysInfoTool @markpflug Outputs system information. GitHub
tcpmux TcpMux @nicodeslandes TCP Multiplexer; provide simple routing of TCP traffic as well as SSL re-encryption and off-loading. GitHub
trx2junit trx2junit @gfoidl Transforms XML from trx-Testresults to JUnit-Testresults / trx to JUnit XML. GitHub
unpkg RendleLabs.UnpkgCli @markrendle Front-end package manager that uses the unpkg.com CDN as a source. No Node.js, NPM or Bower required. GitHub
versioninfo dotnet-versioninfo @taylorjg Display version information of .NET Core assemblies. GitHub
weeknumber weeknumber @MarkusLund Prints the current weeknumber to the command line. GitHub
xscgen dotnet-xscgen @mganss Generate XmlSerializer compatible C# classes from XML Schema files. GitHub