Integrates the JSHint JavaScript validator with TextMate 2
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jshint-external TextMate Bundle

The best way to run the JSHint JavaScript validator in TextMate 2.

Want to use ESLint instead? Try the javascript-eslint.tmbundle.

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  • Validate automatically when you save your file, and on-demand.
  • Intelligently uses .jshintrc settings, whether stored in the same directory tree as your source file, in your home directory, or referenced from a package.json file.
  • Uses a separately-installed copy of jshint.
    • Does not include a bundled (possibly outdated) copy of JSHint.
    • Fewer dependency problems.
  • Common error codes include a link to the relevant explanation on

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If you don’t have JSHint, install it:

  1. Install Node.js.
  2. [sudo] npm install -g jshint

Now install the bundle:

  1. Download the latest release .zip file.
  2. Extract it and double-click to install.

Release Notes

View the release notes.


In most cases no configuration is required. However, in some cases you may want to customize the following:

  • Use jshint that is not on your PATH: If jshint is not on your PATH, set the TM_JSHINT_EXTERNAL_JSHINT variable to point to it. Set in TextMate > Preferences… > Variables.
  • Don’t validate on save: If you don’t want to validate your JavaScript automatically when you press ⌘S:
    1. Open the Bundle Editor (Bundles > Edit Bundles…).
    2. Navigate to JSHint (External) > Menu Actions > Save & Validate with JSHint.
    3. In the drawer that appears, delete the “Key Equivalent” of ⌘S.
  • Use a project-specific JSHint configuration:
    • For Node.js: Add a key called jsonHintConfig to the package.json file. This key should contain the filename of your JSHint configuration file (JSHint config syntax).
    • For any JavaScript project: Create a .jshintrc file (syntax). Place it in your source directory or any directory above it.


  1. Quit TextMate.
  2. Open ~/Library/Application Support/Avian/Pristine Copy/Bundles.
  3. Trash jshint-external.tmbundle.
  4. Open ~/Library/Application Support/Avian/Bundles.
  5. If there is a file called JavaScript JSHint (External).tmbundle, trash it.
  6. You may need to clear TextMate’s cache by trashing ~/Library/Caches/com.macromates.TextMate.preview.