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Location logging in CouchDB

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About LocLog

LocLog is a growing collection of location logging stuff for CouchDB.

It currently supports the following input sources:

  • JSON Location Tracker if you set its POST field to http://host/database/_design/loclog/_update/jlt. (At one point JLT's continuous mode was not compatible, haven't tested lately.)
  • GPX track segments, via Python script
  • NMEA files from GPS loggers, via Python script
  • fetch your Geoloqi history via Python script

Mostly LocLog just generates CouchDB view indexes with this data. One view roughly match the structure of HTML5 geolocation data and the other is similar to GeoJSON and designed for compact transfer into other apps like ShutterStem's geotagger.

There is also a sample HTML map viewer included which reads data via an interesting reduce function, providing a summary of all the breadcrumbs in the database.

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