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Refresh branch. #121

braincomb opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hi @natew,

I cloned the refresh branch and was able to get it up and running, but it's kind of unusable. Number one issue is that everything is hidden, so I was staring at a blank screen, I figured the #sheet div was the culprit, I had to delete the element with Firebug to actually see the user creation modal.

I then checked out the new admin section, I am digging the left sidebar. However, not sure if the UI / styles are fully there.

I was curious what's the progress on finishing up this branch. I see it working nicely on your website. I may be able to help with PRs and fixes, just not sure what your status is :)


There must have been a bug introduced, before if you were the first user or logged out it would automatically show you a sign up modal that would get you set up. I will check into it...

Try clicking on a hidden link on the very top right corner of the page.


Thanks Nate. However, regardless of the login status, the #sheet div will always block the whole page. I have to manually delete it with Firebug every time. You can observe this behavior on my sandbox website running your refresh branch -

Another issue is that TypeKit requests are 403 Forbidden, I don't think they allow re-using their fonts for more than N sites, depending on the subscription plan.


Update: OK, I think that the TypeKit issue is actually behind all this. We need to set wf-active class on the <html> but since it throws 403 Forbidden, it doesn't.

Edit: I dug up my old TypeKit account and changed the TypeKit ID, works now. But I might end up just using Google WebFonts instead :)

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